pest control. A worker in a protective suit cleans the room from cockroaches and rats with a spray gun, the sanitary service disinfects the apartment with a chemical agent

While most would agree that the summertime in the Tri-Cities is a highlight of each year, the nice springs and warm summers are also enjoyed by our friendly spiders and various insects. In June the little critters multiply and come out of hiding and make themselves a nuisance as they share our yards and homes. Of course, this is a most disagreeable situation for people, so we look to pest control services to come end this cohabitation.

In the Tri-Cities, most spiders are not dangerous, but they are still not fun to look at or have them run across your lap while picnicking in your yard. The five most common for Tri-Citians to encounter are the Yellow Sac Spider, the Wolf Spider, the Hobo Spider, the Cellar Spider, and Black Widow Spider. Of these, the Black Widow Spider is the only commonly seen spider that is quite venomous and can make victims sick if bitten. Like most spiders, they generally only bite when threatened. They are most often found in wood piles, outdoor sprinkler valve boxes, and garages. However, last summer residents and visitors walking the trails of Leslie Groves Park in Richland, witnessed an infestation on the river side of the trails…Black Widow Spiders EVERYWHERE!

With a quick call (509.727.1384) homeowners can contact David Lay, a Pest Management Technician for Senske Services, at the Kennewick office, located at 410 N. Quay. David has years of experience in helping keep pests at a distance. Like the services offered from various companies, he will help you make an appointment, come to your residence, and spray around the outside of the home, the shrubs, bushes, and even apply safe insecticide on the home’s interior if necessary.

Another pest control company that can boast excellent reviews on Yelp is Pointe Pest Control. Quotes for services can be requested on-line and a response in approximately 12 hours. Their offices are located at 1900 Fowler St. Suite D, in Richland. They can be reached at 509.588.7144 or 509.795.2495 for answers to your questions or appointments. Some of the reviews share that in emergencies, Pointe Pest Control can have a technician to your home within 24-hours.

Another reputable company with a local office that offers pest control services is TruGreen Lawn Care. Their offices are located at 1220 S. 10th Ave. in Pasco. They can be contacted at 509.492.3830 and have office hours until 9:00 on weekdays, making it easy to schedule a spraying. TruGreen offers an on-line quote and guarantees their service to meet your expectations.

Summer brings fun in our local parks, long days full of sun in our yards, and the onslaught of spiders. Call a local pest control company and schedule an appointment to keep your home pest-free this summer.

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