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The summer is in full swing, and the kids are out of school; let the backyard events begin! With the predictably beautiful weather we have in the Tri-Cities, many residents look forward to hosting groups, gathering close friends, or holding reunions at their homes. The daunting task of preparing food for large numbers of people can become easy with the multitudes of local companies that offer catering services. Services range in pricing and whether they deliver and set-up/pick-up and they also range in the volume of food provided.

If you’re looking for a full-service caterer, one that brings the food, sets up the serving, provides the serving trays and utensils, one provider is Greek Islands at 600 Gage Blvd. in Richland. The same foods served in their small restaurant can be catered to your home. This is a family owned and operated business. With 122 reviews, TripAdvisor contributors rate this restaurant at a 4.5, but give it the #1 rating in Richland for “quick bites”. The food is quality and affordable and always a hit at a backyard or poolside summer event.

To make contact with Greek Islands catering services, go to their website at and fill out a “Get In Touch” form. If your event is a few weeks out, submitting this form will give plenty of time for the company to contact you and find out your needs, receive a written price quote, and place your order. If the event is sooner than two weeks, call the staff directly at (509) 628-2900.

At the time of your event’s reservations, Greek Islands staff will bring the food to your home in stainless steel serving trays to your home. If the food is to be warm, it will be warm. They will set it up for you so that you don’t have to do a thing. Serving utensils will be provided. All you must do is lift the lids when it’s time for your guests to enjoy a Greek buffet bar of very tasty food! A common order includes chicken souvlaki, Greek salad, gyro meat, and uvetsi (chicken fettuccine). This type of buffet is sure to please everyone at the event!

Another catering service that requires a bit more work on the buyer’s part, but is a well-received buffet, is Fiesta Foods in Pasco. At you can link to catering and find several meals that can be prepared for your event. The most popular is the “Taquiza” at only $7.98/person and $8.98/person if you want to add rice and refried beans. This order offers five tacos per person, diced onions and cilantro, limes, both red and green salsa, along with two or three choices of meats (chicken fajita, beef fajita, carne al pastor, shredded pork). Of course, street taco corn tortillas are included. If you want to buy specialty cheeses, lettuce, cabbage, or Pico de Gallo, those can be purchased in-store when you go to pick up your order at 115 S. 10th Ave. in Pasco. When you place your order, you will be able to designate the pickup time. Your food will be in aluminum, throw-away trays so there is no responsibility to return anything to the store after your event.

Both caterers above offer catering that allows for your guests to eat how much they want and when they want and exactly what out of each buffet suits their tastes. The next time you will be hosting a group, consider letting Greek Islands or Fiesta Foods do the work!

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