Tri-Citians are fortunate to have many options when it comes to finding the best fit for cell phone purchasing and service. Predictably, customers can choose a company from one of the big three, AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile (all three have strong 4G LTE network coverage across our state), but there are other options to choose from depending on the needs of the individual or family. Spectrum and U.S.cellular also have storefronts in the Tri-Cities and meet the specific cellular needs of many consumers.


For the past several years, T-Mobile stays competitive. On most on-line reviews, it holds the number one or sometimes number two position as the best cell phone provider. It boasts one of the fastest networks with excellent nationwide 5G coverage. T-Mobile’s plans are transparent without hidden fees. Additionally, this company offers plans for seniors, veterans, and first responders. There is no extra charge for full service in Mexico and Canada. While traveling to other countries, T-Mobile offers tiered plans of service. There are approximately ten stores for consumers to explore T-Mobile’s offers in the Tri-Cities. They are spread throughout Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco, with convenient locations and hours. All the stores offer phone sales, strong trade-in values, and strong customer service.


Also at the top of the list is the nation’s largest wireless carrier, Verizon Wireless, with its offering of 5G coverage in many regions, unlimited data, and affordable cell phone plans. While consumers can choose a Verizon plan with unlimited data, it’s also possible to save money by selecting a tiered plan that more closely mirrors data needs. There are at least seven stores for consumers to frequent for their cell phone service needs spread across the Tri-Cities. For those customers who travel out of the U.S. for business or pleasure, Verizon offers a few different plans. If you travel to Mexico and Canada, roaming is included in the unlimited plans, but if you are planning to other countries, customers can purchase a TravelPass or choose an International Monthly Plan.


According to, AT&T finishes third out of the main players. Like its competitors, AT&T is expanding its network, increasing its 5G coverage, and is listed by RootMetrics to have the fastest network speeds. However, AT&T isn’t competitive in the top-tier plans by price. The charge for the best plan is $85.00/month (Unlimited Elite). However, this provider offers consumers the ability to mix the various plans on one bill. With this, if families need to include the young or seniors who will need less data, one line could be unlimited and the other lines could vary according to need, thus saving money. When traveling, AT&T includes service in Mexico and Canada within the unlimited plans. Additionally, consumers can buy a certain number of texts, calls, etc., but a better option when traveling is probably the $10.00/day international fee because it provides unlimited data/calls/texts. Consumers can find at least seven walk-in AT&T stores in the Tri-Cities in which to shop, compare, and buy phones and service.


Once settled in the Tri-City area, it’s time to gain that “509” area code by choosing a cell phone service company. The three big providers are easily accessible whether you reside in Richland, Kennewick, or Pasco and they are physically near each other in most cases which will aid consumers in their search for the best phone and plan for their families.

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