Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco are known to be safe communities. And, while residential theft is uncommon, most homeowners want fencing to provide privacy and to keep dogs contained. Fencing costs have soared as materials and labor costs have risen. However, even after the construction of a fence is complete, a necessary access gate creates an additional cost. The price of gates varies widely with variables of visual privacy, materials, size, decorative elements, and type of locking mechanism. Some even come with automatic openers that can be programed to your key fob!

The most simplistic style of gate can be purchased at local box stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. These types of gates are pre-built to common dimensions. They come in vinyl, aluminum, steel, or simple framing to which wood can be attached, matching the fencing material. These ready-made gates cost around $200.00, without the accessories needed to attach and latch the product. Most are limited to white or black in color and most are a see-through picket style. Home Depot stocks an adjustable fence frame that costs close to $100.00 that comes in black only. It is a steel frame that the owner can adjust the width from 36” to 49”. It is the frame (with attachment accessories) only and the owner would add whatever wood that would complement the fence. What makes this product desirable is the flexibility of the frame to fit the actual opening. These pre-made products work well for the homeowner who needs a gate to complete an enclosure but is not concerned with complete privacy or serious security.

Local fencing companies offer basic steel frames to which wood can be attached, but they are not adjustable in width. They come in galvanized steel and for an added cost, can be powder coated if the color black is desired. The more ornamental gates that are sold at local companies like Rick’s Fencing and Frontier Fencing are often special ordered. They come in common sizes and are ordered from companies like Ameristar. These 4’ gates made of steel cost approximately $700.00 and come with the posts and other accessories needed to complete the project.

Some homeowners need privacy and security for their property, so their gate material needs to be solid and the locking system bold. If these factors are critical, the materials used will be more costly. Solid metal pedestrian gates can be ordered on-line from many companies. The cost of a solid gate with a locking mechanism averages approximately $1400.00. 

There also exists a market for custom gates that are highly decorative. In the Tri-Cities there are iron welders who can create the perfect gate for the customer’s vision. DF Ironworks at 509.396.5945 specializes in Ornamental Iron Work and can offer a free quote on construction and installation of a gate. Their website at has a gallery of pictures for customers to review to get ideas and see what their products look like. There are several local iron welding companies on the web that specialize in bringing the customers visions and artistic creations to the table.

Deciding on what type of pedestrian gate to purchase can be challenging.  Dropping in at a local fence company and discussing your project can be helpful or talking it over with your fence contractor can also guide the decision on what to purchase to complete the fence.

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