Location, location, location. It’s a common phrase that speaks to something we all know subconsciously, but perhaps fail to put into words. Where we choose to live and settle down in life speaks volumes about the kind of people that we are. Do you enjoy the buzzing energy of the big city, or do you prefer the tranquility of the countryside? Do you live for the breadth of urban experiences, or are you seeking the quiet peace of suburban streets? The Tri-Cities is in a unique position; Large enough to constitute a major population center, but small enough to retain its charm and sense of community.

A Strong Economy

Approximately 300,000 people call the Tri-Cities home in 2020. That number has been rising significantly over the past several years. Our economy is remaining steady, despite the wrench thrown in the works by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent state shutdown. This, complimented by the fact that we consistently rank among the best locations in the country to raise a family, means that our community is extremely appealing to those on the outside. Factor in the reality of low housing prices here compared to major cities and the picture begins to come further into focus. We have here a haven here in eastern Washington, and it will surely continue to grow while only bettering itself over time — like aging a fine wine. Speaking of wine, be sure to check out our previous coverage of local Tri-City wineries here and here.


Another broadly appealing aspect of the area that both newcomers and longtime residents enjoy is our location in respect to Seattle, Portland, and Spokane. Essentially in the middle of the three, Tri-Citians have the freedom to travel to three major cities, each within a three-and-a-half-hour drive from the here. Head north from Pasco on highway 395 and you’ll be in Spokane before you know it. Take I-82 west toward Yakima and you’ll be Seattle-bound. Take it south and connect with I-84 west to get to Portland. If you have business in one of these cities, are planning on flying internationally, or simply wish to get away for the weekend, having a variety of options available to you is never a bad thing.

Who We Are

Our cozy corner of the state is a well-protected secret, and yet we welcome outsiders with warmth. Tri-Citians are kind people who love to share the unique qualities of our community that make us so special. We are the type to stop and strike up conversation in the park with a complete stranger, leave leashes for fellow dog-walkers along the riverfront, and joke with the person behind us in line at the grocery store. Beyond all else, we in the Tri-Cities strive to make our little slice of Washington as bright as can be, and I think we’re doing a pretty great job.

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