What materials once went directly to landfills in the Tri-Cities now are fortunately diverted to help sustain our environment through recycling efforts. Each of the Tri-Cities recycling programs are slightly different, but the opportunity to help the cause is available.


In Richland, residents receive a bill each month from the City of Richland that rolls all utilities into one bill, including curbside recycling services. If a customer chooses to participate, there is an added fee of $6.60 per month. For this fee, Richland provides the customer with a 96-gallon blue can that rolls like the gray garbage cans. It is to be placed at curbside every other week on a schedule that can be found on the city’s website or by calling the solid waste management at (509) 942-7700. If your family produces a lot of recyclable materials, you can request a second blue recycling can for an extra $2.00/month.  In addition to the curbside recycling service, the city has six drop-box locations that are conveniently placed throughout the city. At these locations residents can drop off recyclable goods at no cost and are not billed a monthly fee.


Pasco’s solid waste is operated by Basin Disposal and their customers are billed separately from the City of Pasco’s utilities. Basin Disposal does not offer curbside pick-up for Pasco’s residents, but the city has fourteen drop-off locations for recycling materials. Many are at schools, one at the Grigg’s Department Store, one at Pasco’s Senior Center, one at the Grange Hall, and one at the U.U. Community Church.


Like Richland, the City of Kennewick offers a blue-colored cart for recycling. Along with garbage at the curb, the recycling cart is emptied every week. There is no charge for Kennewick residents to use this program. Additionally, Kennewick has several drop locations, one at the McDonald’s on Highway 395.


In addition to the standard recycling materials, there are centers in the Tri-Cities that are manned operations where customers can drop off materials. Some pay for aluminum, cardboard, and metals. Customers can call to find out what is being paid for the recyclable materials. Clayton Ward has centers in both Richland and Kennewick. These facilities offer a friendly drive-through experience, and many families sell their recyclables to them as they teach their children the value of recycling and saving money at the same time. For the bigger, heavier, more unusual recycling, Kennewick has two facilities: Pacific Recycling Metals & Steels at 315 S. Gum. They can be reached by calling (509) 582-2134. Another facility that can take many metals including copper, brass, aluminum, cast iron, etc. is Twin City Metals at 455 E. Bruneau Ave. Customers can call them at (509) 582-8207 to find out the hours and what the prices are presently being paid for various metals.

Tri-Citians are environmentally conscious citizens and most try to contribute to a clean and safe landscape. Recycling is one of the most helpful actions we can all take to protect our communities. Just contact your city hall to find out the specifics on how to encourage our local sustainability through your participation in recycling.

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