Children's playground with a slides on a street.

If you have children who are filled with immense energy and are searching for an outlet for them to take advantage of, then you are in luck! The Tri-Cities offers a wide variety of clean parks and outdoor spaces outfitted with playgrounds for youngsters to enjoy. With winter fast approaching, we thought it was about time we shined some light on some of the family-friendly fun parks in our area before the weather dips too cold. Each of these playgrounds are specifically tailored for maximum fun and safety and will provide the chance for kids to have tons of fun while getting plenty of exercise and outdoor time. No matter where you are in the Tri-Cities, you’re never far away from a park or public space that offers fun for the whole family.

Leslie Groves Playground | 2112 Harris Ave, Richland

We’ve spoken about the excellence of Leslie Groves Park in previous articles, and for good reason. The sprawling park has a little bit of everything to offer to those who seek it out. The playground at the north end of the park’s main parking lot has been something of a well-kept secret for some time and is beginning to see more and more use with each passing year.

Howard Amon Park Playground | 500 Amon Park Dr, Richland

Perhaps the best playground in Richland is located in Howard Amon Park just off of Lee Boulevard. Several years ago, the playground underwent a major renovation and now boasts more than double the equipment previously located there. Children flock to this playset with glee. With plenty of space to spread out and relax, Howard Amon has been a local favorite for many years, and will continue to be one of the foremost destinations for family fun in the area. After all, where else can one ride a zip-line in the Tri-Cities?

Goethals Park Natural Playground | 301 Goethals Dr, Richland

A fairly recent addition to the playgrounds of Richland, this park boasts a score of new equipment, some of which is built into the terrain of the park. Kids are free to climb through tube-tunnels that run underneath small grass-covered hills while adults watch from the comfortable swinging benches and picnic tables.

Columbia Point Marina Park Playground | Near 606 Columbia Point Dr, Richland

The playground in the Columbia Point Marina Park may be smaller than the other playgrounds mentioned in this spotlight but makes up for its size with an exciting layout and plenty of extra space to spread out. Kids are thrilled to clamber over the monkey bars and ride the tower-like spiral slide.

Playground of Dreams | Columbia Park Trail, Kennewick

The Playground of Dreams is timeless. Situated at the far east end of Kennewick’s Columbia River Park (the same location from which the annual Boat Races are hosted), the playground has been around for many years and earned a reputation as a hidden gem of the Tri-Cities. This playground has also received major overhauls over the past few years, making it better than ever for family gatherings and children’s playdates.

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