As the summer travel winds down and the Thanksgiving rush has yet to hit, many are lamenting about the high prices airlines are charging for seats.  While that is definitely an issue for many routes and on many carriers, there are also some specials hitting the market that are most often found on regional carriers.


Frontier Airlines (can catch a flight out of Spokane, Seattle, Portland) just announced bargain flights. For the past few weeks this airline has been marketing with zest, even offering some flights for fees/baggage only. All specials are in an attempt to get travelers flying again after the cancellations, delays, pilot shortages, etc. wreaked havoc on the airline industry this past summer. Many of the sales with Frontier are open to all those wishing to fly, but the company offers the lowest fares to those who are members of their program called Discount Den. However, this is not the normal free frequent flyer program; it has a cost of $59.00 annually and $99.99 the first year ($40.00 enrollment fee). This program is especially beneficial if the customer is planning to take kids on trips as many of the flights offer “kids fly free” under 15 years old. At the end of September, this airline is offering some one-way flights for $19.00! The price today for a roundtrip ticket from Seattle to Denver for one week in early October is $154.00 and that includes the taxes and fees.


Another small airline, Play, is making its way on the world stage with flight specials from the East Coast to Europe for $99.00 (a special offered the last week of September). Because this airline is affiliated with Iceland Air, keep a close eye on upcoming specials from Seattle to Iceland and connecting to the European continent or Great Britain. Always keep in mind, however, that most airlines in today’s market charge for luggage, seat assignments, and food/drink, not to mention some hefty taxes.


As a Tri-Citian, it’s always advisable to watch advertisements for Allegiant. They fly out of Pasco and frequently have special prices. Right now, this airline is offering excellent benefits if you apply and acquire a Bank of America Mastercard. Consumers receive $150.00 off a future ticket, or any travel offered, earn points with purchases unaffiliated with Allegiant, receive priority boarding, and the best benefit…a free drink on each flight. Destinations are limited, but all flights are direct, getting travelers quickly from Pasco to Las Vegas or the Phoenix area in just a little over two hours. Checking today’s rates, a customer can fly round trip to Las Vegas in October for under $130.00. Maybe you’d like to go see a Raider’s game or just enjoy one of the fabulous pools Vegas has to offer to gather some of the last rays of this year’s summer sun.


Bargains are to be had for that last-minute getaway by searching the regional airline’s specials. You may have to drive to Seattle, Spokane, or Portland, but the specials offered for October travel are superb. 

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