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Curb appeal (largely your lawn and trees) prominently plays a role when listing your home for sale and spring is the time to prepare your landscaping to flourish. Living in the desert region of Washington brings a bit of a challenge in keeping things looking fresh, green, and weed-free.

One of the first things Tri-Citians with lawns need to do is to rake the sod and get it ready for some professional applications of weed prevention against the all-mighty and aggressive crabgrass that will destroy your lawn. Of course, you can apply this product if you have the right equipment, but there are several companies in the Tri-Cities that will compete for your business.

Local Companies

TruGreen is offering a 50% savings on your first lawn service of the season. Possible customers can call (509) 492-3830 for an appointment. Startup specials like this often come with a service agreement requirement, one in which the various recommended fertilizers are applied at intervals throughout the year. For a family that wants to be guaranteed the right applications occur at the right times, without reminders, these contracts can eliminate worry, mess, and the storing of chemicals.

Another company that is well-known and popular in our region is Senske, which also offers one-time applications or various plans. They can be reached at (509) 374-5000. Desert Green Lawn & Tree Care is another reputable company that can service your lawn needs. They receive strong reviews from their customers. Green Lawn & Tree Care is a Richland-based company that can be reached at (509) 628-8630. The three companies suggested above all prefer to sell a service plan, but they will provide one-time applications if requested. At this time, getting your lawn sprayed with a pre-emergence for weeds is the most important application and timing is critical to prepare your turf for the long, hot days to come.

Once pre-emergence has been applied, it will be time to get water to your lawn. Again, there are many professionals in the area who specialize in making sure your underground sprinkler system functions efficiently. These companies are willing to come to your home, turn the water on, check for leaks caused by winter freezing, set your timers, and check the function of your sprinkler heads and valves. Strong reviews of their service are Montgomery Construction and Gamache Landscaping.  Both companies are locally owned and have been in respected in the communities for many years. Gamache has done business in the Tri-Cities for over 20 years and Montgomery Construction was started by H.A. Montgomery in 1962 and is now owned by his son, Tim Montgomery. Both companies care about their clients and will guarantee their work. You can reach Gamache at (509) 591-4876 and Montgomery at (509) 375-4700.

The recent days of sunshine and warm air are telling your lawn to wake up and change to a vibrant green of summer and it’s telling you it’s time to feed and nurture it. So, prepare your home to have the best-on-the-block curb appeal by making your appointments for pre-emergence spraying and waking up those sprinkler systems!

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