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A score of new restaurants, breweries, and eateries have opened their doors in Richland over the past few months, leading to a collective cheer from local “foodies.” As our community continues to grow, so too does the scope of our gastronomic scene. While Kennewick and Pasco have always maintained a wider and more diverse array of culinary options, Richland has steadily lagged behind in terms of options and hours of operation. On that front, the northernmost of the Tri-Cities may be arriving at a turning point. Today, we’ve chosen to highlight one of the newer eateries in Richland that’s vying to draw the attention of the community to their tables: Flight Tap & Table.


After the short-lived Richland pub Dupus Boomers (DB’s) went out of business in 2017, the sleek modern building at the corner of Swift Blvd and George Washington Way sat empty for several years. The bar and restaurant had become a favorite among locals for its prime location in the heart of Richland, its spacious yet relaxed atmosphere, multitudes of beers on tap, and late hours of operation. DB’s had been the quintessential city pub, its name a nod to the popular cartoon character created by Dick Donnell who portrayed a humorous perspective on the lives of those who lived in Richland during its stint as a government town during World War II. After its closure, locals would have to wait about five years for a new tenant to take up the mantle left behind by DB’s.


With that background out of the way, Richlanders were ecstatic to hear that Flight Tap & Table (FT&T) would be making an entrance to the Richland food scene in 2022. The new gastropub would occupy the empty shell that DB’s left behind, finally revitalizing the building under new leadership. Now, after having several months to settle in and refine their process, it seems that FT&T is not only carrying on the traditions of their predecessors but making some worthwhile upgrades as well. First and foremost, they’ve kept the same working formula of spacious seating, cozy atmosphere, modern dressings, and a staggering variety of drinks. They’ve kept the wall of rotating taps, a frankly overwhelming number of options for beer both local to the Pacific Northwest and imports from across the world. In so doing, FT&T has shown that they understand what made DB’s a success in the first place. Where they decided to branch out from their predecessors has been in the scope and quality of the menu.

Looking Forward

FT&T put effort into the various offerings of their menu, which becomes apparent after the first bite into any of their exciting dishes. DB’s had never been known for the quality of their food. The drinks had always been the main attraction at that pub, and for a time, it seemed as though that might have been enough. Hindsight is 20/20 however, and the leadership of FT&T understood that they’d have to step up their culinary game if they wanted to remain a Richland mainstay for years to come. The change is unapologetically for the better. Only time will tell if the new offerings will be enough to keep FT&T around, but this writer can suggest the pub for a night out on almost any occasion. It’s good to see the long-vacant building open its doors to the public once more, and I for one hope it remains that way.

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