If you’re looking for some of the best take-out food in the Tri-Cities during this time of restaurant closures, Italiano’s Serious Pies & Pasta in West Richland and Greek Islands in South Richland are family owned eateries that serve the best of authentic foods with appreciation for their customers.

Greek Islands Cuisine is no stranger to take-out, so they are well prepared for your business.  Their restaurant at 600 Gage Blvd., near the corner of Leslie, is always busy.  When you enter for pick-up, you’ll hear “Opa”! from behind the counter.  It’s a welcome and show of gratitude to you in Greek tradition.  In some restaurants when employees welcome you, it sounds forced; at Greek Islands, the greeting is original and authentic.  

The menu at Greek Islands is varied and I’ve never tasted a dish I didn’t like.  The pizza is fresh and unique with hand tossed thin crust and a variety of flavorful toppings.  The Greek salad with grilled chicken is delicious!  The salad dressing is a unique recipe that is best when drenching your salad or actually dipping the bread sticks, also made of fresh ingredients.  Speaking of dipping, a highlight of Greek Islands is the tzatziki sauce, made of Greek yoghurt, fresh cucumbers, and spices.  This sauce blends with nearly all foods served, but particularly well on the grilled chicken and with gyro meat…yum!  Finish your order off with freshly baked baklava, a Greek dessert specialty made from phyllo dough and nuts.  Behind this small storefront of Greek Islands Cuisine is a powerhouse of original flavors in the Greek tradition.

Another restaurant that has effectively adapted from a welcoming sit-down restaurant to the take-out scene is Italiano’s Serious Pies & Past located at 4850 Paradise Way in West Richland, off Bombing Range Rd. Like Greek Islands, the pizza is phenomenal AND affordable.  Italiano’s boasts a more elegant dining room for dinner fare, and have always offered take-out, but have streamlined their services to be full service take-out.  The last time I picked up my order, the kitchen was full of cooks, preparing for the continuous line of take-out dinner seekers.  I think the lasagna might be the best in the Tri-Cities, with a serving large enough for tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.  Additionally, when the dining room reopens, Italiano’s offers a bar that serves a plethora of local beers and wines to sample with the delicious cuisine.  So, give Italiano’s a try for take-out during the restaurant closures and you’ll be a guaranteed customer when the restaurant opens for full service.

If you’ve got a yearning for authentic Mediterranean food, and you want to be assured that you’ll be picking up quality take-out food that are created from delicious recipes, these two restaurants are sure to please the palate. Opa!

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