Chow mein, noodles and vegetables dish with wooden chopsticks.

As we enter the height of Winter in Eastern Washington, many of us are searching out hot and spicy foods to help combat the freezing cold temperatures outside. This week, we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on one of our favorite local eateries that has managed to fly under the radar for some time. That eatery goes by the name of Rice and Noodles, and they’ve been serving up authentic Korean dishes in Pasco for several years now. With a straightforward, no-frills interior and consistently some of the best food in the Tri-Cities, this place has earned a special place in this writer’s heart (or should I say stomach?).

Rice and Noodles | 3315 W Court St #110, Pasco, WA 99301

The locally owned restaurant uses family recipes to craft authentic Korean dishes that are sure to warm you up and satiate your cravings of spice. Nestled in a strip mall on Pasco’s Court Street, the storefront is rather unassuming as you drive past. If you didn’t know this hidden gem was there, you might otherwise miss it. If you’ve never tried Korean food before, we have a few recommendations of what you might order on your first outing. Most of the options on the menu here pack quite a spicy punch. If you aren’t a spice lover, check the menu for any items without a red chili pepper next to their name, and you’ll be safe to order that.

Yukgaejang – A spicy beef soup with onion, noodles, and a soft-boiled egg. It’s hard to go wrong with a steaming-hot bowl of Yukgaejang, especially on cold days.

Seafood Sundubu – A spicy seafood and tofu soup that’s sure to fill your belly and leave you feeling stuffed to the brim. Keep extra napkins nearby because this soup is sure to clear your runny nose!

Bulgogi – If spice isn’t quite your thing, go for Bulgogi. These thin barbecued slices of marinated beef pack a massive punch of flavor without burning your sinuses.


No matter what you order during your first trip to Rice and Noodles, you’ll walk away satisfied. While the restaurant offers plenty of indoor seating, they became extremely efficient with takeout orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, so feel free to pick up your order to go and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Rice and Noodles has been a favorite of this writer for some time, and we at Windermere are excited to shine a light on this local gem of a restaurant. Enjoy!

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