Whether you yourself are a fan of BMX (bicycle moto cross) and skateboarding or you know someone interested in trying out these sports for themselves, there are several parks throughout the Tri-Cities that cater to these activities while maintaining a safe environment for all. These parks lend themselves to riders and skaters of all skill levels and provide an exciting experience for both newcomers and seasoned athletes alike.

If you have children who are seeking a place to practice and hone their athletic skills in one of these sports, the parks of the Tri-Cities are among the best places for them to get a safe start. Just make sure to bring helmets and possibly even elbow and shoulder pads whenever practicing on concrete surfaces. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Jeannette Taylor Skate Park | 1185 Carondelet Dr, Richland

Perhaps the most popular skate park in the Tri-Cities, Jeanette Taylor Skate Park is located just north of the Kadlec Medical Center on the corner of Goethals and Carondelet Drive in central Richland. The park is home to a wide variety of ramps, halfpipes, pads, and rails that make for an excellent practice course and playground. While the park is especially tailored to skateboarding, you’ll still catch skilled BMX bikers and youngsters on scooters taking full advantage of the terrain on offer here.

Kennewick Skate Park | 741 S Dayton St, Kennewick

Centrally located in Kennewick on Dayton St, just a few blocks from Kennewick High School. While not boasting as many ramps, pipes, and obstacles and as Jeanette Taylor, this park makes up for it with more open flat-ground space. This can make it a more appropriate choice for beginners and those wishing to practice on a level surface.

Columbia Park Skateboard Park | East Columbia Park Drive, Kennewick

The Skateboard Park at Columbia Park is the only skating area to feature a stand-alone halfpipe, which is reserved for more experienced bikers and skaters. The surrounding park offers plenty of other attractions such as the Playground of Dreams, picnic tables, concessions, and beautiful views of the Columbia River, making this skating area perfect for family visits.

Columbia Basin BMX | 2002 Snyder St, Richland

One of the few official BMX tracks in Eastern Washington, the Columbia Basin BMX Park is an excellent location to ride and race off-road bicycles. The course is well groomed and used in tournaments frequently throughout the summer months. The addition of outdoor flood lights several years ago made it possible to ride well into the night, though it’s getting cold quickly these days!

Rollarena Skating Center | 849 Stevens Dr, Richland

Richland’s Rollarena has long since been the primary place to for roller-skating in the Tri-Cities. Offering a large oval-shaped wooden ring in their indoor course, along with concessions and rental equipment, it’s the perfect place for a family fun day. Live DJ’s set the mood with groovy pop tunes making you want to dance while gliding around the ring.

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