Living in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas means the joy of the spring planting—growing trees, plants, and flowers equals an artful endeavor.  While the winters can be cold and bring freezing nights and snow, the springs are early and the crocuses, daffodils, and tulips show their faces by the end of February.  When the forsythias bloom their yellow dressing, it’s time to hit the local nurseries for some therapy purchases!

There are many nurseries in and around the Tri-Cities that offer indulgent shopping experiences and peaceful settings.  Local favorites include Wood’s Nursery, Beaver Bark Nursery, and The Yellow Rose.  Each offer a variety of flora from the largest trees to the smallest flowers.

Wood’s Nursery & Garden Store is a well-known Richland nursery with the Wood’s family (second and third generations working hand in hand) always available and willing to share their knowledge of landscaping.  They invested in a recent remodel that boasts a new gazebo to show off their wide assortment of garden benches, plants that need softer care, and garden accessories.  Located just west of the bypass at 2615 Van Giesen St. in Richland, parking is plentiful and the bark-covered trails will lead you through the vast assortment of plants, shrubs, trees, and all things nursery!  Of course, bark and other ground covers are available.  Even if you’re not in the market yet to buy, the Wood family will welcome you to wander the site, smell the roses, and enjoy a peaceful “window shopping” experience.  The nursery has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), so you can rest assured that customer service will be top notch.

Beaver Bark at 607 Aaron Dr. in Richland has a more recent history than Wood’s, having been in business for 28 years.  They first opened shop at the Richland Wye many years ago, eventually moving to their present location and greatly expanding their services.  The gift shop displays high-end patio furniture, outdoor wall decorations, and even has a coffee bar for the customers.  Additionally, the nursery sells a considerable variety of decorative rock, and rents small concrete mixers, loaded by the yard to satisfy the DIY in you.  Their flower and vegetable gardens are plentiful starting in March, and Beaver Bark offers gatherings for Christmas and other festive occasions.

Yellow Rose Nursery in Prosser is a premium nursery about half an hour away from the Tri-Cities by car.  Located at 600 Merlot Dr, this nursery also boasts an A+ rating from the BBB.  If you are perusing for just over a few minutes, you will spot one of the owners, Teresa Gannon, moving like a nimble deer through the site, providing excellent service to her customers.  Like the Wood’s management, Teresa is always willing to share her knowledge with you.  Her nursery has a hint of a feminine touch, with arrangements of plants in placed in sweeping arches.  The Yellow Rose has three enormous greenhouses that house flowers, hanging baskets (you can have custom baskets made), and vegetables/herbs.  If you are looking for a particular plant that she doesn’t have in stock upon your visit, Teresa is more than willing to take your name, order it, and give you a call when it arrives.  To top off your visit to the Yellow Rose, within steps of the nursery, you will find more than five wineries waiting to share their tasting rooms with you. 

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