Paint can with a paintbrush

Keeping homes in top shape means keeping the interior and exterior paint in fresh condition. On the exterior, a home’s siding needs the upkeep of a quality stain or paint job. Quality painters are readily available in the Tri-Cities and some have the ability to get you into their schedules without long waits. Besides the physical component of the job, contractors can and are often willing to give suggestions regarding color, paint types, and finishes. While there are many large companies to contract with in the Tri-Cities, there are some small new companies that might fit your needs.

Monty Hays of Fresh Line Paint is a licensed, bonded, and insured painter who is new to the area. His company, Fresh Line Paint, is growing, but he still has room in his schedule for jobs to be completed before Christmas (weather permitting). He will paint interiors and/or exteriors and will bid on small jobs such as soffits, fascia boards, fences, etc. Many companies bid very high on small jobs and would prefer to not provide smaller job services, but Monty Hays will offer an honest bid on any of your painting needs. He can be reached on-line at [email protected] or by phone at 360.808.3649.

Another company that has grown under strong ownership is Patriot Painting. The owner is a veteran, hence the company moniker. Like Monty of Fresh Line Paint, the owner of Patriot Painting, Luis, will be at the job site, working alongside his employees. This often guarantees the appropriate oversight to a job well done and may be why the company has earned a perfect five stars on Yelp. Patriot Painting offers many services as described on Yelp: cabinet painting, color matching, paint removal, specialty finishes, wallpaper removal, and more. These skills take energy and time that many larger companies do not wish to expend. Removing wallpaper before painting is definitely not a fun do-it-yourself task. To contact Patriot Painting, customers can email to [email protected] or call 509.528.4275

Also receiving top ratings in our area for your project is Atomic Painting. They offer both residential and commercial services, ceiling and wall painting, and of course exterior painting. While some companies are now charging for estimates, refundable if they are chosen for the job, Atomic still offers free bids. They can be reached at 509.783.8124 and are located in Kennewick. Brad Nelson, the owner, is certainly appreciated by the people for whom he has worked, as is evidenced by the testimonials on his business website. Consumers can view his website, which has a photo gallery, at

Belza Painting and Resurfacing offers not only painting but has the materials to complete resurfacing of countertops. With 10 reviews on Yelp, Belza has a perfect five-star rating. It is a much larger company than those listed above, but they do offer free estimates and the company has grown from a one-person enterprise in 2014 to a team of professionals ready to serve the Tri-Cities today. Customers can start the estimate process by visiting their website at You can also call 509.820.6232 to schedule an estimate.

It’s recommended to get a few bids before choosing a contractor to complete the work on your home and you want to work with a person who will communicate with you, offer quality workmanship, and offer the job at a competitive rate. Ratings for the above businesses are all strong and they all offer free estimates to keep your home in well-painted condition.

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