We’ve spoken about hubs of entertainment in the Tri-Cities before and have specifically focused on Adventures Underground as a mainstay for board games, collectibles, comic books, and the like. This week, we’d like to shed some light on a similar family-run business in the heart of Kennewick that has been serving the community with games and trinkets to bring people together. The name: Infinite Frontiers Collectibles. The game: supplying Kennewick and the greater Tri-Cities area with quality gaming goods and gifts.


Located on Entiat Avenue just off West Columbia Drive in Kennewick is a small, cozy game shop that does little to draw attention to itself. A stark contrast to the colossal storefront of Adventures Underground, which does all it can to draw the attention of motorists passing Richland’s Uptown Shopping Center on George Washington Way. And while Infinite Frontiers boasts less than a quarter of the total floor space of its across-town competitor, it more than makes up for that fact with dense shelves stocked with dedicated gaming goods.


If you’re searching for a a pop-culture gift for a friend or loved one, comic books to fill out your collection, trading cards to add to your binder, board games to play with family, or tabletop gaming goods, look no further than this unassuming treasure trove of a shop. Infinite Frontiers boasts a dazzling variety of action figures, collectible toys, miniature figures, and so much more. With dedicated shelves for popular game such as Dungeons & Dragons, Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan, and more, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for within the walls of the shop.


The staff members at Infinite Frontiers are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about recent trends and will be able to point you in the direction of whatever you’re searching for. They know the shop’s inventory like the back of their hands and can tell you what’s in stock at any given moment. When I last visited in search of supplemental gaming materials, they were out of stock at the time, but were able to tell me when a new shipment would be arriving and put my name on a list to set the items aside for my next visit. The staff member who we’ll call Steve not only went out of his way to help me but spoke with me at some length about the ever-growing popularity of tabletop games. Another customer came in as I was preparing to leave, and Steve was able to help him find a rare collectible that he had been searching for.


Family-owned businesses such as Infinite Frontiers and Adventures Underground serve an important purpose for the community. They are places where gathering as friends and bonding over a shared love of gaming and collecting is encouraged. We must support these local businesses if we hope for them to stick around, not to end up replaced by massive corporations such as Amazon.com. It is my hope that Infinite Frontiers, one of the last remaining mom & pop collectibles shops in the Tri-Cities, can keep their doors open in the digital era in which we’re currently living. Please consider paying them a visit and supporting local business.

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