In the past, we’ve covered Adventures Underground (AU), one of Richland’s premiere book stores, with nothing but high praises. The term “book store” doesn’t do the place justice; AU definitively does sell books, but it’s also so much more than that. Whether you’re into comic books, trading cards, tabletop games, vinyl records, collectibles, or just fresh coffee, there’s something for everyone to discover and enjoy in this Tri-City entertainment landmark. This article will highlight the weekly game night held at AU’s attached Caterpillar Café, but if at the end you wish to learn more about the store in general, you can check out our dedicated article on the topic here.


The COVID-19 pandemic brought many of our lives to a screeching halt when it exploded onto the scene a few years ago. While the outbreak brought countless changes tour lives on a personal level, perhaps none were harmed more than local businesses. With their customer base largely cut off and little to no financial support, many businesses did not survive. AU is a business that relies on shoppers to come in the doors. For many years, they had hosted flagship game nights a few nights a month as a way to get new customers into the store and try games that they otherwise might not have the chance to play.

As you may expect, this event became increasingly popular, to the point where reservations were needed to organize table space. This all came to an end with the arrival of the pandemic, and AU was forever affected by the loss of business. Recently however, things have been returning to normal. AU has been able to open their doors to the public once more and are scheduling the return of their much beloved game nights. With luck, bringing back this longstanding AU tradition should jolt some life back into the business that so many of us have come to love and enjoy.

Game Nights

Now taking place in the Caterpillar Café, the AU game nights are scheduled for the first and third Thursday of every month. Those searching for a sense of community, a new gaming group, or testing out an entirely new game system, are all welcomed with open arms. Whether you’re a first time gamer or seasoned veteran looking to broaden your horizons, the AU game nights are the perfect place to meet new people and try new things.

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