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Some families seek private school education for their children. Similar to the public schools in our area, the Tri-Cities does not disappoint on this front.  If you are planning to enroll your children in the private school setting, the choice of where to buy your house is wide open. There are no boundary restrictions for private schools!  This means that you will be expected to provide transportation to and from the school.  As a result, rather than focus on which city and boundaries the schools are located within, I’ll outline the choices by grade level and religious affiliation. As with the three main school districts in the area, each school offers for your children a unique learning environment.


In Richland, you will find Christ the King, a well-regarded prekindergarten through 8th grade Roman Catholic school. It is centrally located on Long Ave.  Known to locals as “CK”, the school has an enrollment of 469, earning it a top 20% placement for a large student body.  Furthermore, many students from CK transfer to high schools across the Tri-Cities; Most frequently to Tri-City Prep in West Pasco and Hanford High in North Richland.

Also, in the central part of Richland on Williams Blvd., parents will find Liberty Christian, a prekindergarten through 12th grade school.  This private school is an independent, non-denominational educational institute.  Moreover, this year, Liberty Christian will celebrate it’s 40th year of offering a Bible-based learning experience to Tri-City students.  Liberty has an enrollment of 393 students and an average class size of 16. This allows strong rapport and respect to be developed between faculty and students.  The school is fully accredited, and its diplomas are accepted at universities across the U.S.


Kennewick offers two private schools to consider.  St. Joseph’s is a Catholic school for Montessori Pre-School through the 8th grade.  It is located in the central part of Kennewick on West 4th Avenue.  St. Joseph’s serve 378 students who transfer on to high school most often in Kennewick and Tri-City Prep in Pasco.

Likewise, Bethlehem Lutheran is a private school located on West 27th Avenue in Kennewick.  It is a Prekindergarten through 8th grade.  They boast a student to teacher ratio of 20 to 1, keeping the school of 231 a friendly environment.  As its name denotes, Bethlehem Lutheran is a member of the National Lutheran Schools.  It is fully accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. Like CK in Richland, Bethlehem is in the top 20% placement for largest student body, but also in the top 20% for the oldest founding date, having been founded in 1911.


The City of Pasco has three private schools your student might wish to attend.  Kingspoint Christian School is located on Court St. in the western part of Pasco. It is not far from the bridge that crosses the Columbia from Richland to Pasco.  The school has 116 students in prekindergarten through the 11th grade.  Its religious affiliation of Christian (non-denominational) and was founded in 1977.  While Kingspoint doesn’t offer a 12th grade year, the average student enters the Running Start Program in the junior year and attends Columbia Basin College.

The Tri-City Adventist is a private school located on West Henry in Pasco, offering kindergarten through the 10th grade.  The school is comprised of 103 students and supported by Seventh-day Adventist churches and families from Richland, Kennewick, Riverview, and Pasco.  The class ratio of 17 students to 1 teacher provides a tight, family-like setting for students.

I can’t leave out Pasco’s Tri-City Prep (TCP), a private, independent, Catholic, college-preparatory high school located in West Pasco, near the bridge between Richland and Pasco. TCP is especially noted in top placements of private schools for the most extracurriculars offered.  It mirrors many of the local public high schools in what it offers academically and through its extracurricular activities.  TCP’s religious affiliation is Roman Catholic and it offers grades 9-12.  There are 149 students attending Tri-City Prep and they boast an 11:1 student to teacher ratio, probably one of the best in the state.


In conclusion, Prekindergarten through high school education is a bonus for any parent looking to buy a home in the Tri-City area.  If the larger, comprehensive public schools are not what your family is seeking, there are many private schools with excellent reputations to visit and consider.

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