Living in the desert of Washington, one would think we would have palm trees and cactus, but the beautiful green that surrounds us is not our natural habitat. It’s been cultivated by decades of planting both deciduous and evergreen trees and gleaning water from the Yakima, Columbia, and Snake rivers to meet the needs of our shade trees.

Some neighborhoods offer a mature landscape, with trees better than 80 years old, while other new developments are just beginning to plant trees. Because of the age and size of the trees in many of our older neighborhoods, our residents frequently need the services of tree trimmers, tree removal, stump grinding, and sometimes simple advice. Dealing with the mature trees takes professionals and the idea of doing it yourself is not safe. Consequently, you will need to call the professionals for your tree problems.

Fortunately, most tree service companies in the Tri-Cities still offer free estimates for the work you need done and they are not scheduling far out for appointments and services as some companies are. Prices are expensive for trimming and removing old trees, but it’s important to have them inspected for strength and keep them trimmed to avoid costly accidents, like trees or branches crashing through your roof when we experience one of our aggressive windstorms.

Contracting with a license and bonded professional is important due to the high-risk nature of working on mature trees. Many offer their services in the Tri-Cities. Some experts, with a five-star rating on Yelp you might consider are those at Superior Tree Service, LLC. You can reach them for a bid at 509.545.6947 or by email at [email protected]. Top Tree also works diligently to service your tree care needs. They can be reached for a free estimate at 509.943.7032. They are certified arborist professionals so their employees can help with tree and plant health, pruning, and preventative care. Top Tree has a five-star rating on Yelp for our region. Boyd’s Tree Service has been providing tree care in the Tri-Cities for many years and has a four-star rating on Yelp. They can be reached at 509.585.4194 and are available to help you keep your trees healthy or for tree and stump removal.

In addition to the protection offered by hiring a license and bonded arborist to keep your trees healthy and providing shade, color, texture, and beauty to your landscaping, it would be good advice to use a company (as those noted above) that has provided local service for many years. The Tri-Cities is unique in its climate and topography and the tree companies that have thrived in our community understand how to best maintain our green oasis that is the Tri-Cities.

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