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How often have you heard, “there’s no good food in Tri-Cities”? We set out to debunk the myth exploring all our community has to offer our culinary tastebuds. According to Trip Advisor, Tri-Cities Washington is home to over 440 restaurants ranging from specialized food trucks to franchise favorites. Our team at Windermere Group One contributed some of their most frequently visited eateries to battle it out for a spot on our top 5 local restaurant list. Below, in no particular order is our most mentioned places:

Proof Gastropub in Kennewick, WA

Proof offers American type cuisine with a modern industrial atmosphere that includes a full-service bar and options to satisfy any foodie. The restaurant recently went through a menu revamp displaying some of their most beloved cocktails, burgers, and appetizers. Proof is a great spot to meet up with friends or enjoy a fun date night with a special someone. They also recently opened a brand-new Pasco location off burden blvd near the HAPO Center (previously known as the TRAC). For more information, visit their website here, and next time you visit, check out some of our Realtors® favorite dishes.

Caroline Couture, Windermere Realtor®:
I just love Proof. It’s got a really fun vibe. All of their food is delicious. I love their fish and chips. They’ve got really good salads, and they also have a really nice patio outside, when you can take in the city views.

JJ Coats, Windermere Realtor®:
It’s kind of neat like you’re going to a speakeasy sneaking up the stairs or the elevator to get up to the restaurant. They have amazing views, good drinks, good food, and it’s a fun place to go.

Melinda Robinson, Windermere Realtor®:
And I’ve only been to the Kennewick location. I love the atmosphere in there. It’s kind of this like industrial decor, and they have a great outdoor seating with a view. And even when you’re eating inside, you can still see the view, and I like that. The Cobb salad is my fav.

Lu Lu Craft Bar and Kitchen in Richland, WA

Nestled on the edge of Columbia point, overlooking the boat docks, sits Lu Lu Craft Bar and Kitchen. Enjoy this family-owned, farm to table, modern, classy take on a restaurant. You’ll first be met by the hostess in plaid, and depending on the time of year; you’ll want to ask to be seated out on the back patio for the best views, especially during our famous Tri-Cities sunset hour. Lu Lu offers various brunch items on the weekends alongside the usual lunch and dinner options throughout the week. When you go there, you have to try their classic pig candy appetizer; you won’t regret it! For more information on Lu Lu Craft Bar and Kitchen, visit their website here and be sure to try these following favorite dishes with your friends.

Shari Stringer, Windermere Realtor®:
I like Lu Lu because I love sitting on their patio, watching the boats come in and out. I love that it’s farm to table. My favorite thing to eat there is fish and chips with lots of tartar sauce.

Arasele Urueta, Windermere Realtor®:
This place has amazing fried zucchini. You can get it as an appetizer, and their burgers are so good. You have to try them.

Lydia Messenger, Windermere Realtor®:
If you get appetizers, if you get main dishes, even desserts are just incredible. You just can’t go wrong taking some friends to Lulu’s, especially people who say there’s no good food in Tri-Cities. So I would highly recommend taking them to Lulu’s.

Frost Me Sweet in Richland, WA

The Parkway in Richland is a great dining spot offering numerous restaurants in the hub of Richland, with one of the favorites being Frost Me Sweet. Frost Me Sweet is run by a husband-and-wife team offering a handful of delicious baked goods as well as brunch, lunch, and dinner options. This little hometown gem has even been featured on Food Network favorites such as Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and The Christmas cookie Challenge. Their head baker, Megan, is a very talented artist, and you can see some of her creations featured on their Instagram page. Whether you are a dessert lover or fry connoisseur, you will not want to miss out on this Tri-Cities favorite. See their menu or order your custom dessert on their website here, along with trying some of our Realtors® favorite dishes.

JJ Coats, Windermere Realtor®:
Oh man, who doesn’t love a cupcake after lunch, right? They have a great selection of cupcakes, vegan and gluten-free cupcakes, as well as their taco fries are amazing. And they have a great beyond burger, their garlic fries to top everything off, and then a cupcake at the end.

Kayla Pratt, Windermere Realtor®:
They have been in the Tri-Cities for a long time. They are on the Parkway. And I have three daughters, so as you can imagine, cupcakes and sprinkles are the best. Of course, Frost Me Sweet serves more than just cupcakes and macarons and little Petit Fours and beautiful cakes. They serve lunch and dinner, and they have really delicious lunch and dinner options. One of my personal favorites to get at Frost Me Sweet is the Savely Sweet. It’s a delicious spicy take on a traditional Reuben sandwich. And so, it has those sliced pickled jalapenos in there. An amazing sauce to go with that sauerkraut and cheese toasted on to that rye bread. And so Frost Me Sweet not only serves amazing sweets and cupcakes, but they have some of the best sandwiches. And at dinner time they have some really elegant, elevated dishes like duck and some delicious pork things that we’ve had some amazing dinners, just my husband and I. But usually, Frost Me Sweet is definitely the go-to for a quick lunch with my girlfriends or my kids.

Shari Stringer, Windermere Realtor®:
I love their quaint patio. It’s my mama’s favorite place. So we go together there all the time. By far, my favorite is the Grownup Tuna Fish panini. And my mama likes the Crab Melt. But it’s simply an awesome place, and their desserts are pretty darn good too. I love their cupcakes.

Drumheller’s Food and Drink In Richland, WA

Drumheller’s is located in The Lodge at Columbia Point, Tri-Cities newest luxury hotel with gorgeous river views. The head chef, Pauline Garza, is a local WSU Tri-Cities business and hospitality graduate cooking up artisanal dishes with local ingredients that change seasonally. While many locals anticipate their re-opening since the pandemic, it will remain a local favorite date night spot featuring a romantic atmosphere and delicious dining options. To stay up to date on when they will re-open, visit their website here and, in the meantime, read about some of our Realtors® favorite dishes.

Kayla Pratt, Windermere Realtor®:
Drumheller’s is the restaurant located inside the Lodge at Columbia Point. And one of the things that I was privileged was to meet the owner, Tom Drumheller when the whole building was being built. I had the opportunity to work with Tom as he was building the Lodge at Columbia Point, and so it just holds a very special place in my heart, and the food not only is top-notch, but it’s a super fun atmosphere. Definitely make reservations when they’re open for business. My absolute favorite thing to order there is the risotto. The risotto is absolutely delicious. If you like an authentic Italian risotto, you’ve got to go there. They serve it with seared scallops. They do seasonal touches to the risotto, and it’s so, so creamy. I can just eat the entire bowl, but it really slowly because otherwise, it just goes too fast. So go to Drumheller’s. They have not only spectacular food but the most amazing view of the Tri-Cities. You get a beautiful river view, nice romantic atmosphere, and also their cocktails and their wines are absolutely delicious. So if you need a romantic date night, Drumheller’s at the Lodge at Columbia Point is a go-to.

Shari Stringer, Windermere Realtor®:
I love the lodge. It is absolutely beautiful. And they treat you like a queen when you’re there. Chardonnay is what I usually order. They haven’t been open during the pandemic, but I look forward to it as soon as they do.

Ethos Bakery & Café in Richland, WA

Ethos is a delicious stop, especially for breakfast, along with offering some lunch options. Ethos makes the favorite list mainly for their baked goods as well as their espressos. The delicious bakery now has two locations, both in Richland, one located near Amy’s bridal off Keene, and the second opening in Richland’s Parkway. Some have said our little Tri-Cities bakery is equivalent to being in a French café with the closest tasting pastries from across the pond. Go take a visit to get your taste of France right here in Washington and visit their website for more information here.

Lydia Messenger, Windermere Realtor®:
I remember when we first tried it, and I was in heaven because I felt like finally, I found my coffee shop in Tri-Cities. Their lattes are incredible. Their ice teas are really good. They make them from scratch. But the thing I love about Ethos Bakery is their baked goods. They make them from scratch in the restaurant. So it’s so fun to watch them bake. And my favorite absolute incredible thing to get at Ethos Bakery is their homemade peanut butter cookies. Even if you’re not a fan of peanut butter cookies, you have to try them. They, something in them, just make them divine.

Bonus Pick: ElFatCat Grill

ElFatCat Grill is definitely a favorite amongst Tri-Cities’ numerous food trucks. The chefs and owners, Ginny and Felix, have their own take on classic Mexican dishes we can’t get enough of. Other local restaurants even use ElFatCats salsas in their own dishes. The food truck is located behind a carwash off Edison Street in Kennewick near Kamiakin High School. The hours vary due to popularity, so check their website or social media accounts before you go. If you go for lunch before the high school rush, it is usually your best bet for them not to be sold out of everyone’s favorite dishes. Serving up Fusion Mexican American food is a love and hobby of the two owners. They greatly enjoy getting to share their creations with all in our community. For more information, visit their website here.

JJ Coats, Windermere Realtor® & Kennewick Fire Department Captain: Ginny and Felix take good care of you. They cook everything with love, and they make an amazing burrito. The guys at the fire department I work with get the Haba Yaki, and they can’t get enough of them. We’ve had food challenges where their egos are tested. I love the vegetarian burrito with no cheese. Actually, if you ask Felix if you’re a vegan and you ask Felix, “Hey, cook me up something vegan.” He would love to. He loves to be creative in his kitchen, and he does a great job. One time they made me a Curry type dish, not on the menu. And it was just amazing. At El Fat Cat Grill, you can buy their salsa by the eight-ounce or 16 ounces. I just found this out last week, and it’s life changing. I went home with eight ounces of their pineapple salsa, and I can put it on anything I want, any meal at home.

So when you’re looking for your next culinary experience in Tri-Cities, be sure to try one of these before saying, “there’s no good food in Tri-Cities”. Have a favorite we missed? We’d love to hear where your favorite local places to go are and what your favorite dishes are. After all we are a team full of foodies who love to explore the community in which we live and support our local businesses.

-Windermere Group One

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