The year 2020 has not been friendly to many people, groups, or businesses. Many local businesses have not been able to keep their doors open as our nation struggles through a monumentally tough and trying time. Colleges are seeing lower and lower admissions rates as both students and staff are adapting to digital coursework. Remote work has become commonplace in family-run businesses and giant companies alike. The Zoom meeting has all but replaced the conference room/ classroom. It has been a year of non-stop change, fueled by the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that has been rattling the country for months.

Luckily, in the face of all the strife we face as a community today, we are reminded of the things that should matter the most in one’s life when this time of year arrives. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect, respect, and truly love the ones who mean the most to you. Even if you aren’t physically seeing your family members or loved ones this Thanksgiving for matters of safety, the time of year gives us all a chance to hit pause for a moment. We are excellent as humans at providing ourselves with distractions to keep the mind busy, especially in the modern day. It is times like these where we can afford ourselves a metaphorical deep breath and realignment. That’s something that we need as a country and community now more than ever.

Many small businesses around the area offer specials for Thanksgiving that are worth checking out, though you’ll have to be quick about it! Porter’s Real BBQ has been offering whole cuts of turkey for several years in a row now. Now with several locations throughout the Tri-Cities, the former food cart start-up has become one of the pillars of the community. They sell out of their Thanksgiving specials extremely fast due to the popularity of the local hotspot, but if reservations on one of these birds can be made, you’ll be in the hands of one of the best chefs in eastern Washington. Porter will treat you like family and that’s why the locals love him.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that reflects the nature of the Tri-Cities. Our community is thoughtful and smart, made up of many families that love and look out for one another. In a way, we are like one big family here in our little slice of paradise. We’re in it together and building a beautiful community, giving thanks to our loved ones, and those who helped get us to where we are today. We hope to be those same people to the next generation, passing on the love and respect that has been the glue holding our community together.

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