When it comes to unique, one of a kind, family-owned restaurants and breweries, the Tri-Cities is experiencing something of a renaissance at the moment. We’ve covered some of our favorite food and drink spots in the past, but a relatively new establishment has escaped our spotlight thus far and deserves its fair share of love and attention. It’s a magical place where an ever-rotating tap of local beers are complimented by some of the finest and tastiest dishes in a beautiful and unassuming location. What is this fabled wonderland, I hear you asking? Well, the title may have been a giveaway, but the ever-sleek Tap & Barrel is the focus of our community spotlight today.

Located at 112 Keene Rd in Richland, the restaurant is easily accessible from major throughfares, but is tucked in the corner of a shopping center where it’s rather quiet and peaceful. The interior decorations are modern and utilitarian but homey and comfortable, making it feel like a space where you could spend hours (be careful, it’s frighteningly easy to do so). Strong woods and metals make up the majority of materials in the interior space.

As already mentioned, Tap & Barrel earns the “Tap” in their name by offering a wide variety of local and imported beers on a rotating tap. The list is added daily to a board on the wall in the bar and taps are crossed out when drained (they run out faster than expected, so get your order in!). Featuring brews from local legends like Bombing Range, White Bluffs, and Ice Harbor, it’s easy to find something to enjoy no matter what you’re craving. If beer doesn’t suit your fancy, T&B also offers a plethora of wines, ciders, and spirits, so there’s something for everyone to like.

A wise person once said “Drink alone are good. Drinks with food are superb.” That person was me (hold for applause and belly laughs). But on a serious note, the food menu at Tap & Barrel is nothing to scoff at. To start, the pulled pork nachos are astounding. The pork itself has a nice spice level that keeps building in your mouth making the drinks go down even easier. It’s certainly a highlight of the menu and the large portion is more than enough for a group of 2-4 people. If you’re craving a little something extra, ask for beer cheese on the side. This cheese elevates the nachos to a whole new level. Outside of nacho heaven, T&B also offers delectable treasures such as Kobe beef sliders, rotating soups, sizzling flatbreads, a salmon platter, and the Butcher’s Block, an assortment of meats, cheeses, nuts, and jams (and much more!).

Whether you’re looking for a new favorite spot or are new to town and wondering what the locals like to eat, you can’t go wrong trying Tap & Barrel. You’re almost guaranteed to fall in love with the place, and it will remain a favorite for quite some time.

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