A unique find in specialty stores can be found in Kennewick at the Sporthaus Northwest. Local community members opened this outdoor sports store in 1980 at 326 N Columbia Center Blvd. to meet the need of all things that meet the active lifestyles of Tri-City residents. Check the store’s hours on their website or call at (509) 735-7555 because they vary by day and are closed on Sundays. While they offer top-end merchandise for many outdoor enthusiast activities, including apparel, they are a “must go” experience for those heading to the mountains for that winter ski trip.

At sporthausnw.com the snow lovers among us can find what type and brands that are carried for snowboards, snowboard boots, snowboard bindings, skis, ski boots, ski bindings, and high-end apparel for fun in the cold weather. Anyone who has taken friends and family to the high altitudes of the Pacific Northwest knows that by the time you pack the car with all you need for the snow activities, you will need to carry the hardware on the outside of the rig…so that means ski racks and cargo boxes for the roof will be needed. Sporthaus Northwest offers Yakima systems to fit your needs. If you purchase your racks at the Sporthaus, there will be no charge for installation!

In support of skiing and boarding enthusiasts who already have their own equipment, the Sporthaus offers several levels of equipment servicing. For skis, a consumer can have a basic tune-up for only $39.95. This includes a flat grind with tuning belt, disc grind on the sides and bottom edge bevel, along with a hand wax application. For those who own high performance equipment, there are tune-up packages costing up to $64.95. The charge to adjust bindings to the boots and set and test to the skier’s abilities, is $35.00. Charges to tune snowboards and mounts are similar. It is difficult to find this type of quality service offered anywhere in the

Tri-Cities, but SportHaus Northwest allows customers to make an appointment for their equipment tune-ups on their website.

Many customers enjoy going to the ski resorts only once or twice a year and find that renting equipment is financially a better choice. These skiers and boarders sometimes drive to the mountains with the intent on renting their equipment at the various lodges at the base of the mountains only to find they don’t have comfortable boots or the right length of skis available. Arriving at the mountain with properly fitted equipment lets enthusiasts get out of the vehicle, buy a lift pass, and hit the hills without delay! Sporthaus offers equipment rental reservations on-line, with a two-day notice required. The cost to rent an adult package per day is $40.00 and if days need to be added, they cost $30.00/day. For junior skiers, the daily cost for the rental package is $27.00, with a $20.00 charge for extra days. Of course, staying safe on the slopes is paramount, so you can also reserve your helmet for only $10.00/day. Renting equipment offers the opportunity for many to hit the slopes without breaking the bank.

We are privileged to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and have so many ski resorts available within a few hours’ drive for outdoor enthusiasts. The Sporthaus Northwest has everything needed to outfit Tri-Citians and have excellent customer service and knowledgeable employees to greet you and meet your outdoor adventure needs.

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