Last month, we took a look at the regionally famous Boulder Beach Water Park in our series of methods for beating the summer heat. In that article, we mentioned that the waterpark was an addition to the larger Silverwood Theme Park, and that we’d cover the larger park in a future article. Today, we’ll highlight Silverwood as an option for thrill seekers, groups of friends, and families alike.

Located on Highway 95 in northern Idaho, the famous theme park is only about 47 miles away from Spokane, making it less than an hour’s drive from Eastern Washington’s largest city. From the Tri-Cities, the drive is approximately three hours. If you’re planning a trip to Spokane in the near future, feel free to read up on attractions there in our destination article covering the city. Otherwise, let’s get on to the park itself.

Silverwood is a large-scale amusement park just north of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and the northernmost theme park in the United States. It first opened its doors back in June of 1988, meaning the park recently celebrated its 33rd birthday. Starting with humble beginnings, the park has since grown into the largest theme and water park in the Pacific Northwest. Occupying a 413-acre piece of land, the park is home to more than 70 rides, slides, and attractions, with live shows happening nearly every day in the summer.

The park still features some of its original attractions, though many have been updated to better suit the modern era. Perhaps most famous among them is a train that travels around the park, granting passengers views of the spectacular coasters towering above the beautiful grounds. This train was originally an authentic steam train that loudly declared it’s presence at the station near the main entrance after every 30-minute loop of the park.

In October of 2009, Silverwood began the annual tradition of what they call “Scarywood Haunted Nights.” During this time of year, the park stays open later into the night and is redecorated into a frightening festival ground with mazes and other specialized attractions. This seasonal change to the park has spiked the popularity of the park even further, making the weeks around Halloween one of the busiest times at Silverwood. Though Scarywood was canceled last year in 2020 due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, the park plans to be back in the scary swing of things this year. If you’re looking to do something a little different this coming October, consider checking out Scarywood to get your blood flowing faster.

The park is a fantastic location to visit if high-octane adventure is your sort of thing. There are rides to suit visitors of all ages, and a number of restaurants to enjoy and shows to catch. With lodging offered nearby, you can plan to stay around the park or easily commute from Coeur d/Alene, Spokane, or even the Tri-City area.

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