Each of the three Tri-Cities have their own respective school districts consisting of elementary, middle, and high schools. If you are new to the area and/or have children who will be entering the school system, it is worthwhile to learn a bit about the options available for your family, and which schools best fit your locale. Each district provides several excellent educational facilities, and you can rest easy knowing that our area boasts some of the highest-rated public schools in Washington State.  One website that ranks and grades each school in our region is Niche.com.  This site offers ratings on the overall effectiveness, college readiness preparation, academics, teachers, diversity, etc. of each school and is a go-to stop when considering in which boundary you may wish to purchase your new property.

This article will focus on the Richland School District (RSD), which is currently home to ten pre-k/ elementary schools throughout central, south, north and the city of West Richland. Additional information on all of the schools mentioned can be found on the RSD’s website: https://www.rsd.edu/.

Elementary Schools

Central Richland

Jason Lee Elementary | 1750 McMurray Ave

Jefferson Elementary | 1550 George Washington Way

Lewis & Clark Elementary | 415 Jadwin Ave

Marcus Whitman Elementary | 1704 Gray St

Sacajawea Elementary | 535 Fuller St

South Richland

Orchard Elementary | 1600 Gala Way

Badger Mountain Elementary | 1515 Elementary St

White Bluffs Elementary | 1250 Kensington Way

West Richland

Tapteal Elementary | 2100 Sunshine Ave

William Wiley Elementary | 2820 S Highland Blvd

After finishing the fifth grade, young students in the RSD will make the dramatic shift from elementary to middle school. There are four excellent options available in Richland for students grades six through eight:

Middle Schools

Carmichael Middle School | 620 Thayer Dr

Chief Joseph Middle School | 504 Wilson St

Enterprise Middle School | 5200 Paradise Way

Leona Libby Middle School | 3259 Belmont Blvd

Enterprise and Libby are located in West Richland and would be more convenient for those living outside of the city center, in West and South Richland. Leona Libby, the newest middle school in the area, specializes in a STEM program which differentiates itself from the group. But before you know it, a few years have flown by and your teenager(s) are ready to enter the high school years. Don’t panic! There are three major high schools in Richland, and a few other options to suit the needs of every type of family and education:

High Schools

Hanford High School | 450 Hanford St

Richland High School | 930 Long Ave

River’s Edge High School | 975 Gillespie St

Three Rivers HomeLink | 1710 Van Giesen St

A new addition to the RSD, Three Rivers HomeLink partners with families in an effort to support them with an innovative take on homeschooling.

Delta High School | 5801 Broadmoor Blvd

This STEM-specialized high school is partnered with the RSD and located in the Broadmoor neighborhood of West Pasco. Delta admits students from all three school districts in the Tri-Cities.

Education is an imperative factor in many families’ decisions to move to a new locale. Luckily for those moving into the Tri-Cities, there is not much to worry about on this front, as our schools consistently surpass national averages, and students are treated as family. You can rest assured that your children will receive a top-notch education from some of the warmest, friendliest, and most intelligent teachers in the Pacific Northwest.

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