As our community continues to move forward into unprecedented times in the midst the COVID-19 pandemic, many local businesses have struggled to maintain a normal workflow, while most were forced to close their doors to the public entirely. The statewide advisory against gatherings of ten or more dealt a particularly hefty blow to the restaurant industry, effectively closing all dining rooms overnight. Last month, we offered a community spotlight into three Tri-City restaurants that were still open for business, offering delivery directly and by way of ride share apps such as Uber Eats and DoorDash. As many of us continue to practice responsible self-quarantine, we felt it necessary to delve back into the world of food options during a global pandemic. The caveat this time? There are a few local joints that are specializing in takeout during these uncertain times, and they’ll be the focus of this spotlight.

Brick House Pizza | 3791 Van Giesen St

Brick House Pizza is a Tri-City Institution. Located on Van Giesen Street in West Richland, the little red building has been slinging some of the finest brick-fired pies in the area for two decades. Always using fresh ingredients and prioritizing quality over quantity, you can rest assured that your food was made with care — and the flavor reflects that. The unassuming stature of the building means that it can easily be passed by, but doing so would be making a mistake! They play an active role in the community and treat frequent customers like family. This local-favorite spot does not offer delivery, but is currently open for takeout orders. Their phone number is (509) 967-3733. Place your order today, and prepare for some of the best pizza in Eastern Washington as you support a local business to continue their legacy! 

Porter’s Real BBQ | 705 The Pkwy | 1022 N Columbia Center Blvd | 7425 Sandifur Pkwy

Porter’s is a fairly new addition to the lineup of local eateries in the Tri-Cities, but the finger-licking good southern-style barbecue quickly became a mainstay of the area. Brainchild of Richland native Porter Kinney, he opened his first location — a mobile food truck — after moving back home to Richland from South Carolina. He noticed something missing from the diet, which he had grown so accustomed to on the East Coast: authentic southern-style barbecue. The rest was history. Tri-Citians fell in love with Porter’s Real BBQ, prompting the creation and eventual expansion of physical restaurant locations. The local hotspot gained even more fame after being featured on comfort food guru Guy Fieri’s Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network. The location in Richland’s Parkway regularly sells out of their 600-800 lbs stock per day, so make sure you call (509) 942-9590 and place your takeout order sooner rather than later! 

(Contact information on the other locations can be found online at:

Porter’s BBQ has been donating toilet paper, gloves, groceries, and other essential items to the general public during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that we all support one another in these trying times. Local businesses are the backbone of our community, and without our support, their services — along with all the great memories and history they’ve been part of — could be lost.

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