Spring in the Tri-Cities has arrived and our hot, summer days are right around the corner. With the change in weather, the weekly mowing has begun! Most neighborhoods in Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco have manicured lawns and the owners want to keep their grass green, edged, and weed-free. To accomplish this goal, one step is to mow every week and sometimes more often when you first fertilize and your grass’ winter dormancy ends.

Because Tri-Citians value showplace lawns, many lawn service companies thrive through the summer. People often don’t wish to buy and maintain their own mowers and weed eaters, nor do they want to work under the hot sun to create that perfect carpet of green. Hiring out the mowing and trimming frees up those summer after work evenings and weekends and assures your lawn is cared for while you’re on a summer vacation.

Of course, if you’ve lived in your home for a few years and are familiar with the neighborhood, you may be able to find a trustworthy neighborhood teen who is working to save money for college, a car, or trendier clothes than his parents will buy…or you may want to try looking in “services” on your local Craigslist. However, there are also many professional services to be had for a fair price.

Perfect reviews (5 out of 5 with 29 recommendations) are earned by Birch’s Lawn Care LLC. Reviewers on Google describe the owner as “prompt and professional”.  Communication is also noted as excellent and bills can be paid on-line, making it easier to fulfill your end of the bargain. Others remark that the pricing is fair, that the workers are always on time, and they are willing to perform other yardwork if asked. People tend to rehire Birch’s Lawn Care year after year and that speaks volumes about the trust Tri-Citians place in this company. They can be reached at (509) 980-2385 for an estimate of what a weekly mowing and trimming would cost at your home.

Yelp’s reviewers give the number one spot in lawn mowing to Swanky Lawn Care. You can request a quote on-line or call them at (509) 531-3668. More than one noted the quick response they got when they called Swanky and needed some work done with short notice. One reviewer describes her main line being cracked when she turned on her sprinklers system, and Jose with Swanky arrived quickly and was able to fix her line, correct a few other problems, all while sticking with his original quote. When your weekly lawn mowing service will run out to help you with your sprinkler system, you’ve got a great local company! Give this family owned and operated small business a call if you want to know your lawn will be near perfect on the specific day you want to come home to freshly cut grass each week.

If you want to come home from work once a week, knowing that your lawn will look beautifully manicured upon your arrival (without you lifting a finger), then it’s time to secure a professional lawn care service. The abundant sunshine and availability of city or irrigation water in our neighborhoods offer the chance for you to have the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood, even if you never wrestle a mower or try to restring a trimmer spool!

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