Being the largest of the Tri-Cities in terms of population, the Kennewick School District (KSD) is frequently expanding. The economy is steady, housing prices are competitive, and space for expansion is abundant in Kennewick, making it an extremely desirable place to live in Washington State. Naturally, there are a multitude of educational options for your children if you are planning on moving your family to the area, and where better to begin than with the elementary schools:

Elementary Schools

Amistad Elementary | 123 S. Kent St

Amon Creek Elementary | 18 Center Parkway

Canyon View Elementary | 1229 W. 22nd Pl

Cascade Elementary | 505 S. Highland Dr

Cottonwood Elementary | 16734 Cottonwood Creek Blvd

Eastgate Elementary | 910 E. 10th Ave

Edison Elementary | 201 S. Dawes St

Fuerza Elementary | 6011 W. 10th Place

Hawthorne Elementary | 3520 W. John Day Ave

Lincoln Elementary | 4901 W. 20th Ave

Ridge View Elementary | 7001 W. 13th Ave

Sage Crest Elementary | 6411 W. 38th Ave

Southgate Elementary | 3121 W. 19th Ave

Sunset View Elementary | 711 N. Center Pkwy

Vista Elementary | 1701 N. Young St

Washington Elementary | 105 W. 21st Ave

Westgate Elementary | 2514 W. 4th Ave

I know what you are thinking: That is an overwhelming amount of elementary schools! However, when it comes to the schooling and education of your children, it can never hurt to have a multitude of options. Though their schooling options will largely be decided by the boundaries in which your family eventually lives, there is some flexibility between the different zones. For more information on this matter, refer to the KSD’s website here:

Middle Schools

Chinook Middle School | 4891 W. 27th Ave

Desert Hills Middle School | 1701 S. Clodfelter Rd

Highlands Middle School | 425 S. Tweedt St

Horse Heaven Hills Middle School | 3500 S. Vancouver St

Park Middle School | 1011 W. 10th Ave

After middle school, your kid(s) are ready to move on to their next big educational leap into high school. Luckily, there are several great locations to further their education in Kennewick. Each of these high schools offer something unique for their students and continue to excel in statewide education standards.

High Schools

Delta High School | 5801 Broadmoor Blvd

Mentioned in our articles on Richland and Pasco School Districts (see and, Delta High is partnered with all three districts and specializes in STEM program education.

Kamiakin High School | 600 N. Arthur Street

Kennewick High School | 500 S. Dayton Street

Southridge High School | 3520 Southridge Blvd

Tri-Tech Skills Center | 5929 W. Metaline Ave

Kennewick Schools are known for their academics but are often competitive in sporting events as well. Though placed an athletic division below neighboring schools in Richland and Pasco, rival sporting events are not uncommon between the cities. There is an atmosphere of fun, acceptance, and education in the KSD, and it earns its respect among the ranks of great Washington school districts.

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