The Horn Rapids area is booming with new infrastructure, new houses, and finally…more local eateries! Many Tri-City residents consider the Horn Rapids master-planned golf course community to be on the outskirts of town. It used to be a two-mile lonely, barren, two-lane strip of asphalt to the entrance on Kingsgate, northwest of Richland on Highway 240. Today, breweries, eateries, an upscale gas station, and Mike’s Jersey Subs welcome the Horn Rapids’ residents.

Breweries are the hotspots on the way from the Bypass to Horn Rapids. Bombing Range Brewing Company opened its doors several years ago in the Port of Benton’s business incubator building at 2000 Logston #126. They take their name from a current road in West Richland where U.S. Navy planes had practiced bombing targets during World War II. The Youngs, a local family, have built a thriving business for Hanford workers and the Horn Rapids community.

Recently, another portion of the same incubator building became available, and the Youngs added their investment to another level. The Dive has become a local favorite. The food is unique, well-prepared, and well-presented to the customers. Additionally, the Dive has garage doors that help bring the beautiful weather inside and has the envy of other local businesses, a beautiful grass area to eat and drink outdoors with mature trees that offer shade. If just some nibbles to go with that beer is what you need, try the Dive Fries—thin cut steak fries, light parmesan flakes, garlic, and pure goodness! The Dive is also known for a variety of mixed drinks and original creations!

Tucked behind the Port of Benton incubator building at 2034 Logston is White Bluffs Brewing LLC. This facility offers a larger space than the two businesses operated by the Young family and does have a small outdoor patio. For eats, White Bluffs often contracts with various local food trucks who take orders from the patio’s edge.

Just to the east of Bombing Range Brewery lies an elegant and upscale restaurant, at Michele’s, located at 2323 Henderson Loop. This restaurant, music venue is so well-decorated (inside and out), you would think you were in a swanky, downtown Seattle club. Many refer to the decorating theme as steampunk and it’s not found anywhere else in the Tri-Cities. The business is temporarily closed due to COVID, but the reader board alerts the passer-by that they are opening soon! At Michele’s offers some of the most sought-after music on the local scene. Normal Saturday nights can be turned into a “clubbing” night, complete with delicious, high-end dinners, and a full and lively bar scene.

The growth and vibrancy of local eateries, breweries, fine dining, and conveniences makes the Horn Rapids residential development a highly desirable location to look for your new home. The aforementioned businesses can all be reached from homes in Horn Rapids by a walking/bike path recently completed (safely) on the north side of Highway 240. So, Horn Rapids is no longer a spot on the map with limited attractions, but a quality community complete with social eateries, craft beer, and a music venue!

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