building a wooden fence with a drill and screw. Close up of his hand and the tool in a DIY concept.

Living in the Tri-Cities is living in the “Burbs”, with the luxury of large lots and plenty of open spaces. Many enjoy park-like settings in the backyards of sing-family homes. For many reasons, homeowners appreciate the privacy and security that fencing and other bordering products provide. Our region boasts many quality contractors that provide construction of a variety of materials that provide barriers to yards and homes.

Whether homeowners are replacing existing fences with new products or installing a new fence, they first need to consider which material will work best to fit the need. Cedar was once the “go-to” choice for material for fencing, but now many will consider blocks, laminates, pvc, stucco, or products made of various compositions. Some local companies specialize in specific construction models, which will direct consumers to the best choice of contractors.

Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking broke into the local market 15 years ago. They have proven to be a company of choice for many Tri-Citians. One reason they are chosen by consumers is the variety of materials they offer in fencing. They market and install vinyl, Trex, wood, chain link, iron, aluminum, and custom fabrication of fencing and gates. They boast a 4.7 on Google reviews for excellent customer service and attention to detail on their installations. From the workers in the field to the office staff at Rick’s, people sing their praises. The offices are located at 9120 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick.  They can be reached at (509) 736-3325 and open at 8:00 a.m. Monday-Saturday.

Fairly new to the Tri-Cities, but with a five-star rating is United Fence Co. Tri-Cities. They are located at 4120 Melody Ln., Pasco and can be contacted at (509) 902-2525. Like Rick’s, they are qualified to work with many products that consumers may desire. The deliver and install vinyl, block, wood, and steel fence products. Additionally, they install chain link fences and automatic gates. United Fence can create custom fence fabrication for those who want a creative touch to the project at hand. Reviews tell consumers that the employees are down-to-earth, yet professional in their work. Some describe receiving bids from several companies and rate United Fence’s as highly competitive.

Frontier Fence Inc. has been serving the Tri-Cities for over 10 years. Their offices are at 2516 N. Commercial Ave., Pasco. They can be reached at (509 545-1801 and like both Rick’s and United Fence, their office hours begin at 8:00 a.m. weekdays, but this company is closed on the weekend. Frontier can install chain link, Trex, vinyl, wood, and offer ornamental iron fence design and installation, including custom gates.

Companies in the Tri-Cities offering fencing design, repair, and installation are thriving businesses that clearly want to provide our communities with visually pleasing fences that provide privacy and security. Reviews on Google and Angie’s recommend more than the three discussed, but recommendations are strong for Rick’s, United Fence, and Frontier Fence.

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