As mentioned in a few of our previous destination articles, part of the appeal of our location in eastern Washington its ease of access to several major cities and countless natural wonders. Seattle, colloquially known as the Emerald City, is the largest city in our state by far. With a population of approximately 3.5 million (and growing every year), the rainy northwest haven serves as a major center for commerce, shipping, travel, and the arts.

The Sights

There are countless landmarks, restaurants, and theaters that have become ingrained in the identity of the city. While it would be nearly impossible to cover each and every iconic location, we’ve condensed the list to a digestible three must-see attractions. Each of which we could cover with a dedicated article, but perhaps we’ll save that for another day.

1. The Seattle Space Needle

Calling the Space Needle an iconic landmark is the understatement of the era. Constructed for the 1962 World’s Fair, the 600-foot-tall spire has become part of the identity of the Pacific Northwest. Even those who have never visited the region are generally aware of the spire, and the view from the observation deck is well worth the price of admission (especially for first-time visitors). There is a revolving restaurant on the top floor but be sure to make reservations well ahead of time if and when you plan to dine above the clouds.

2. Pike’s Place Market

Another longstanding, quintessential Seattle establishment is the world-famous Pike’s Place Market. Overlooking Elliott Bay and the beautiful Olympic Mountain Range, this famous landmark is home to hundreds of small diners, trinket shops, and seafood stands. The sprawling marketplace is among the oldest public markets in the United States, having been in continuous operation since 1907. Seattleites have long told stories of ghosts who haunt the lower levels of the market at night, so watch where you wander!

3. Kerry Park

This tiny city park sits perched atop the south slope of Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill. If you’ve ever seen a photo of the city’s skyline, chances are that it was taken from Kerry Park. Featuring a panoramic view of the city (including both of the previous mentioned attractions), Elliott Bay, and even the mighty Mt. Rainier on clear days, there is no better place to enjoy a family picnic or simply relax and take in the sights.

University of Washington

Seattle is home to a vast array of schools and colleges, each offering specialized educational needs to the people of the area. The most famous among them is the University of Washington, often shortened to UW, or simply, “The U.” Affectionately deemed a member of the “west-coast ivy-league,” UW has made a name for itself as the foremost center of higher education in the Pacific Northwest. The University offers a variety of on-campus and remote classes for people of all ages to explore their intellectual curiosities, learn valuable skillsets, and/or find a path into a high paying career.


Whether you are planning your first or 50th trip to the Emerald City, there is always something new and exciting to discover. We were only able to scratch the surface of what Seattle has to offer in this article and will be revisiting the subject in the future.

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