We just recently took a look at easy hikes near Leavenworth, Washington, and thought we should follow up by highlighting two difficult hikes for the thrill-seeking adventurers out there. If you want to relax and enjoy a more leisurely hike, we recommend reading the aforementioned article, as it provides an overview of some of the region’s less-challenging hikes.

If you’re planning to visit the beautiful Germanic town, you’ll have a deluge of options for entertainment waiting just outside your door. Whether you’re the type to stick in town and enjoy the shopping experience along the main street, a food-lover looking for some delicious bratwurst, or an outdoors-enthusiast wanting to experience the serene beauty of central-Washington, there is something for everyone in Leavenworth. Check out our article on the town to see some of our recommended hotspots in the city. Otherwise, let’s get on to the hikes!

Colchuck Lake via Stuart Lake Trail

Kicking off our list is the regionally famous hike to Colchuck Lake. It’s a nine-mile out and back trail, meaning that you’ll be using the same route in and out. With just over 2,200 feet of elevation gain, this hike will take approximately five hours to complete. Seasonally, this gorgeous hike is best experienced between the months of May and October, so now is the perfect time to take it on! Rated “hard” by Alltrails, this hike is certainly challenging, but culminates rewardingly at a serene alpine lake in the midst of the Cascade Mountains. If the weather is warm enough, make sure to pack a swimsuit and take a swim in the refreshing water to cool off. A picnic at Colchuck Lake is something that not many Washingtonians experience, and is well worth the trip in.

The Enchantments Trail

Are you ready to lace up those hiking boots and put some serious distance on them? The Enchantments Trail is 20 miles round trip, so you’ll be hiking 10 miles in both directions over a total of some 4,800 feet of elevation gain. This hike is not for the faint of heart. Make sure you pack plenty of water and food to sustain you on this journey, and you will not be disappointed. Alltrails rates this trail “hard” and points out that it is mainly traveled by experienced adventurers using the trail for access to some of the best rock climbing, camping, and backpacking in the Pacific Northwest. The trail is largely covered in beautiful forest, so exposure to the sun will be low, but bring some sunscreen along just in case! This will be an all-day adventure, so be sure to plan accordingly and get an early start!

A visit to Leavenworth is always worthwhile, and both of these hikes offer something for those who want to push themselves even further than the standard traveler. As with any outdoor activity, be sure to plan your trip ahead of time by staying up to date on weather forecasts and packing more than what you think you will need.

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