Have you been searching for a place to have some fun with your family in the Tri-Cities? Are laser tag and axe-throwing the kinds of thrills you seek? If so, then Bullseye in Richland’s Uptown Shopping Center is calling your name. The local outlet has made a name for themselves by providing Tri-City families with entertainment and excitement every day of the week. Axe-throwing has become a popular contest among friends and family members in recent years. Though it may be something of a trend, there’s no doubt that flinging axes downrange at targets in a larger version of darts makes for an exhilarating experience.


Axe-throwing has become something of a trend in recent years, originally popping up in bars and theaters as a niche side-game. The trend has taken on a life of its own, with dedicated businesses opening in the name of flinging blades. Friends and family members compete to chuck axes down a range and score points by coming as close to the “bullseye” as possible. At the end, the competitors scores are added up, and a winner is decided. The fast-moving and physical nature of game has made it extremely popular for those wanting to challenge themselves and those around them.


Sharp objects being thrown around seems like a recipe for disaster, but Bullseye considers safety among their top priorities. 12-foot dividers separate you from other lanes of participants, so you’ll never be at risk of catching a stray axe! If you’ve tried axe-throwing elsewhere, you’ll know that safety protocols don’t always come first and foremost, and that can lead to some uncomfortable experiences. With Bullseye, those worries can be put to rest, and you can fully enjoy your time in the lanes. If you want to read more about the safety protocols at Bullseye, you can visit their official website here.

Laser Tag

We recently mentioned the sprawling LaserMaxx in a previous article covering Spokane, Washington. While they remain one of the largest laser tag destinations in the state, Bullseye is located right here in the Tri-Cities, bringing the possibility of playing the game much closer to home. Bullseye’s sister company, Red Dot Paintball, is the only official paintball field in the Tri-Cities. They have experience in crafting some of the finest shooting arenas in our region, and that experience translated to the design of the laser tag course.


Whether you’re going to Bullseye alone, with friends, or with family, you’re sure to have an exciting experience. Shooting lasers across a pitch-black room and competitively heaving axes into a chunk of wood connect to the child in each of us. Sometimes the simplest joys in life are the ones we need to stop and take in. We’re excited to have a business like Bullseye in the Tri-Cities and we know you’ll have a blast in this neon haven of the Uptown!

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