We recently mentioned the Boulder Beach Water Park in our article showcasing several of the aquatic oases in our neck of the woods. Seeing as the recent heat wave has brought with it soaring heat of around 110 degrees (eat your heart out, Death Valley), going back and checking out our Water Parks article may not be a bad idea to beat the summer heat. In that article, we mentioned that we’d be returning to the topic to cover all that the park has to offer, and well, the weather doesn’t seem to be getting much cooler, so what better time than now!

The Park

Boulder Beach started as an add-on to the wildly popular Silverwood Theme Park, approximately 20 miles north of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. If you’re planning a trip to the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area, this park is well worth your time to check out and unwind.

The slides and attractions at Boulder Beach are sorted into three levels: green circles (low intensity), blue squares (medium intensity), and black diamonds (high intensity). This system ensures that everyone from those looking to relax to the high-octane thrill seekers know what to look forward to.

Low Intensity

Boulder Beach Bay: A twin set of huge wave pools that send a wall of water across the surface every five minutes.

Elkhorn Creek: A sprawling lazy river for those who want to kick back and let the current take them for a ride.

Polliwog Park: Perfect for the kids, this aquatic playground comes equipped with hoses, pools, smaller slides, geysers, and a giant bucket that dumps water on those below.

Toddler Springs: Similar to Polliwog Park, this area is geared toward even younger park-goers. It features several geysers and fountains for the little ones to play and stay safe.

Medium Intensity

Avalanche Mountain: This attraction sees visitors walking up a mountain trail and boarding a raft of up to five people before sliding down nearly 700 feet into a canyon below.

Ricochet Rapids: Another group raft slide, this one is perfect for the family! You’ll drop into a massive tube and ride the walls on your way down to an aquatic valley at the bottom.

Riptide Racer: With over 400 feet of slide and six side-by-side lanes, this attraction is perfect for racing friends and family to the bottom!

Rumble Falls: Visible from highway 95 outside the park, this series of four massive slides winds its way down to a pool below. You’ll spin, bounce, and slide down in a two-person raft and laugh all the way.

High Intensity

Velocity Peak: The crown jewel of Boulder Beach, this attraction is for the thrill-seekers, daredevils, and speed-demons alike. You’ll hit up to 55 miles per hour on this intense drop-off of a slide and come to an exhilarating stop in the cool waters below.


Boulder Beach Water Park has something to offer for park-goers of all ages. If you’re looking for a way to escape the extreme heat while having the time of your life, there is perhaps no better way in the Pacific Northwest.

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