Summer has officially arrived in the Tri-Cities, and the weather is only getting warmer! We remain in a state of quarantine in the wake of COVID-19, but many of us are finding healthy ways of exercising outside. Soaking up the sun and practicing social distancing at the same time! There are many safe and healthy outdoor activities to partake in, but what better way to cover some ground and enjoy the sunny weather than going for a bike ride? 

The Tri-Cities offer miles upon miles of scenic bike paths in and around the urban area. The Riverfront Trail in Richland runs through Leslie Groves and Howard Amon Parks, providing wonderful views of the river and plenty of open, grassy areas to have a picnic. Columbia Park Trail in Kennewick is another gorgeous ride with many attractions to stop and enjoy. Don’t miss the Playground of Dreams on your visit!

What if you don’t have biking gear? Fortunately, in addition to our numerous trails and public parks, we have a variety of friendly local bike retailers. Each offer bicycles for everyone from beginners to lifelong riders. As restrictions over businesses begin to ease across the state, these family-run shops will be eager to reopen. They’ll be excited to set up new and returning cyclists alike. 

While there are many bicycle shops throughout the Tri-Cities, and all are probably excellent retailers, I wanted to mention a few that have made a name for themselves: Four that have been in business for years and one new business that has been rated excellent by consumers. All five shops not only offer bicycles that will get you on the road, but will service any make or model to keep your ride tuned up. They also offer advice on home maintenance, and can teach the fundamental skills of bicycling.

Where to Find the Goods

Scott’s Cycles 

704 S. Ely St, Kennewick

Located conveniently in the heart of Kennewick, Scott’s is home to a friendly, knowledgeable staff and wide variety of cycling and sporting goods.

Markee’s Cycling Center

4723 W Clearwater Ave, Kennewick

Just a few blocks away from Scott’s is Markee’s Cycling Center on Clearwater Ave., where you can find one of the best selections of bicycles in the Tri-Cities.


701 George Washington Way, Richland

Located on the Parkade in Richland and overlooking Howard Amon Park is Greenies, where bike rentals and used bikes are available for reasonable prices in additional to a large selection of new bikes. 


129 N. Ely St, Kennewick

REI is a Pacific Northwest mainstay and has everything you need for biking/outdoor activities. They also offer organized biking trips with guides. 

Trek Bicycle  

3801 S. Zintel Way, Suite B120, Kennewick

The newest shop on this list, Trek Bicycle is quickly earning a solid reputation among the Tri-City biking community. 

Ride On

Each of these shops will be able to outfit you for any of your biking needs. They will be able to answer any questions you may have about the area. If you are interested in mountain or off-road biking, there are numerous trails around Badger and Candy Mountain, as well as Jump Off Joe, south of Kennewick. 

Whether you are interested in getting into biking for the first time or returning to the sport after taking a break, the Tri-Cities is a welcoming environment to delve into cycling. 

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