For those who prefer to get further away for short vacations, the Tri-City’s airport offers quick, direct flights to three destinations on Allegiant Airlines. So, if you’re in the mood for some Hollywood fun, gambling or shows in Vegas, or a sun-filled getaway in the Phoenix area, you are only a hop, skip, and a jump away. You can find these deals at

Las Vegas, Nevada

On Mondays and Fridays, Allegiant flights leave the Tri-Cities, bound for McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. For cost, I checked Monday, September 7th, coming back on Friday, September 11th. The prices on the home screen show that traveling on those dates, the cost of the roundtrip ticket is $81,80 with $56.20 in taxes and fees for a total of $138.00. These flights would depart Pasco at 4:49 P.M. and arrive two hours later in Vegas.  Coming back, the flight would depart at 1:32 and get back to the Tri-Cities at 3:48 P.M. This is so affordable and the flights so desirable that the savvy traveler knows there must be a catch, and there is…the total price does not include luggage and seat choice.  The aisle (comfort seats) and other more premium seats carry a charge from $10.00 to $20.00.  You don’t have to pay extra; you can let the airlines assign you a seat, but you may not be sitting next to your travel partner. Likewise, a carry-on bag with specific measurements will add $22.00 and a checked piece of luggage $32.00.

Phoenix, Arizona

If the glamor and glitz of Vegas is not your thing, but you are craving warmer weather and maybe some desert hiking, Allegiant flies from Pasco to Mesa, Arizona twice a week, on Sundays and Thursdays.  On Sunday, September 6th and returning Thursday, September 10th, the prices reflected on the website shows a total price with flights, taxes and fees, of $157.00 roundtrip. A four-night stay that departs on Sundays at 6:07 P.M. and has a return departure time of 6:40 A.M. can offer a beautiful fall respite when you’re not quite ready for the winter chill to set in or a little early spring vacation when the Arizona has our summer weather in the early spring. 

Los Angeles, California

During the summer months Allegiant offers direct flights to Los Angeles, California twice a week.  At this time, late August, those flights are not offered.  However, if you want to plan flights for next summer to take your family to Disneyland or enjoy the California beaches, you can plan to take an Allegiant flight that, like the other destinations, are direct connections to popular venues.  With Allegiant, you won’t have to stop in Seattle or Salt Lake City on your way to fun!

Package Deals

On the Allegiant website, once you’ve selected your destination and flights, they offer accommodations in a package deal.  You can select by star rating, filter by amenities, or shop by price and location.  The prices listed are per person, not by room, so you need to pay close attention.  You do not have to use Allegiant to book a room if you’d prefer to price save by using or your preferred hotel reservations site.  If you bypass the hotel offers, you will next be offered car rental options.  If you are flying into Mesa, it is recommended that you do select a rental car as you are approximately 30 minutes outside of Phoenix at a regional airport and the rental cars are right out the door from the luggage pick-up area.  Getting around the Phoenix metropolitan area is easy with a rental car.


So, if you’re in need a quick, three- or four-night vacation to Arizona, Nevada, or California, consider taking Allegiant out of the Tri-City airport.  It’s affordable…you don’t have to plan in advance…and the scheduled flights are ready to take you directly to your mini vacation!

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